Can you spell hypocrisy?

Today the US Supreme Court justices struck down a Massachusetts law that provided a buffer zone to protect patients and employees of abortion clinics from verbal harassment and/or physical intimidation by anti-abortion protesters. The law didn't say people couldn't hold a protest. It just meant couldn't get in spitting range.

And since the US Supreme Court & the Justices continues to enjoy its own buffer zone, one that's about 5 time larger than the one for the clinics, I find this ruling a bit hypocritical.

Happy Happy GOP

Accordng to Rep Michelle Baucman the shut down has made the GOP House memembers the happiest she's ever seen them.

Of course they're safe from being furloughed & possibly losing 2 - 3 weeks or more of pay. And since most of them are close to being millionaires losing their congressional paycheck wouldn't matter anyway.